How Does it Work?

Campaign Mode

  • Players receive free chips every 24 hours to bet on daily objectives and test their sports knowledge.
  • Create Your Play incorporates real Las Vegas lines and odds to provide the user with an authentic betting experience. 
  • Users have the opportunity to bet on 5 objectives each day. 
  • Complete different objectives to earn more chips and visual accolades to gloat your sports expertise. 
  • If a player completes all of the objectives such as “win 5 consecutive parlays” in the MLB Cooperstown Hall of Fame, they win FREE tickets to the World Series.
  • Players can win free tickets to the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and even the Super Bowl for completing all of the objectives that go along with the sport.
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Want More Chips to Compete With?

Multiplayer Mode

Sweepstakes contests vary by:

  • Entry Fee
  • Duration
  • Payout Structure
  • Number of Players
  • Sports Leagues included
  • Purchase a variety of chip packages. 
  • Receive free CYP BUCK$ that can be used in multiplayer contests to win real cash prizes. 
  • These contests are tournament-style games where players make bets and compete to test their sports knowledge. 
  • Players that win multiplayer contests can instantly cash out their winnings to their bank account.